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Let us introduce theworldwidewine.com . We are devoted to the physical, spiritual, medicinal, cultural, and intellectual pleasures of the fermented grape, but always in moderation. Come visit us often, what you see is only the beginning. Just so you know who we are, we don't pretend to do everything. Even if we sometimes love The Beatles, we don't have strawberry wine, we can't dance the dutty wine, and we don't sell beer and liquor, or even wine. We love pairing wine and food. You'll find a wide range of pairing suggestions and lots and lots of tasting reports for cheap, moderate, and starting now, upscale wines.

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Our Weekly $10 Wine Reviews

Don't let the economic crisis let you down. Continue to enjoy life's pleasures such as wine. We have just started reviewing $10 wines paired with food and local cheeses. We pull no punches. Read this column to save time and money and sometimes find a very good wine for little money. Enjoy

Our Near Weekly $15 Wine Reviews

Don't let the economic crisis let you down. Sometimes it's important to splurge a bit. This column reviews supposedly "better" wines that you may want to enjoy with the money you've saved by following my $10 wine reviews. Enjoy

Our Monthly Upscale Wine Reviews

About once a month we and our guests taste a $60 to $100 bottle of wine with fine food and review the outcome. We will help you find or avoid upscale wines for those special occasions.

Food Pairings

Did you pick a an exotic bottle at the local wine store and you don't know what to serve with it? Did your butcher sell you an unfamiliar cut of meat and you aren't sure which wine to accompany it? General guidelines and specific suggestions to pairing wine and food are only a click away. And if you want more information about a specific wine or wine variety, just click again.


An unmatched collection of wine articles, presently divided into about a dozen sections of guest articles on subjects ranging from buying or building wine racks to hosting a wine party. And we have dozens of dozens of our own articles on French, German, and Italian wine tastings, and Elsewhere (which means another other country). We recently have launched series on the theory and tasting of Kosher and Organic wines. Our wastebasket is full of articles that didn't make the cut. While we don't always agree with all the authors's statements, we feel that each and every article is worth including in this collection. Stop by our wine articles portal and get clicking.

Other Features

If you don't always feel like taking wine seriously, check out our wine humor. For a sense of history read our wine proverbs and quotes. Learn the terminology from our wine glossaries, a basic wine glossary and wine tasting glossary. Then there's our fine wine list broken into lots of categories for easy navigation. Many of our wine tasting articles are presented in capsule wine reviews. Amaze your friends by quoting our wine trivia-factoids. We have started a new section wine software that helps you apply the computer to running your wine cellar or your wine club. Wine tours takes you through each of the twenty regions of Italy. We end with some quick tours of Paris. End, sorry; this is just the beginning. We post to this site at least once a week.

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