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Let us introduce linux4windows.com . We're a new site that shows you how to download and run a version of Linux on virtually any Windows computer. You only need about 50 Megabytes of hard disk and an Internet connection and within a few minutes you'll be running and learning Damn Small Linux.

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Linux and Related Articles

This section includes our articles about Linux, especially but not exclusively in the Windows environment. We like to write articles in series and even if we don't prefer Letterman to the other late-night comedians, we are fans of the Top Ten Reasons... We present The Top Ten Reasons To Learn Linux (why it is better than Microsoft Windows) and have almost completed Ten Important Linux Concepts For Beginners. We have posted articles on Damn Small Linux Games and other applications. Take a look at the articles describing Linux's "friends", MySQL and PHP.

Alphabetical Software Article List

This site includes a few dozen articles describing various types of software ranging from anti-spyware to yiddish language learning. Most of this software is available on both Linux and Windows computers.

Linux and Related Tutorials

This section includes our tutorials running on Damn Small Linux. If you can spare 50 Megabytes (not 50 Gigabytes, or for that matter 50 Kilobytes) you can run a great version of Linux with lots and lots of goodies on your Windows computer whether state of the art or not. You may even dust off a Windows 98 computer and use it to learn Linux instead of letting it rot in a landfill. Our tutorials are accompanied by screen dumps. Take a look at the tutorials for Linux's "friends", MySQL and PHP.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers many questions about our website. Contact us and we may add your question to the list.


This section includes additional references that can help you learn Linux and demonstrate your Linux prowess.

Other Sites

This section informs you about our sister sites devoted to MySql and Php. They both include lots more software articles.

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