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Let us introduce theitalianwineconnection.com . We're a new site devoted to the physical, spiritual, medicinal, cultural, and intellectual pleasures of the fermented Italian grape, but always in moderation. Come visit us often, what you see is only the beginning. Just so you know who we are, we don't pretend to do everything. Even if we sometimes love The Beatles, we don't have strawberry wine, we can't dance the dutty wine, and we don't sell beer and liquor, or even wine. Our focus is on Italian wine.

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My Own Italian Wine Articles

A collection of articles describing the wines, foods, and tourist attractions of each of Italy's twenty regions. We taste famous and virtually unknown wines from each and every region of Italy and report on our findings without pulling any punches. On the way we describe tourist attractions and regional food specialties.

Italy's Top Wines

This section contains descriptions of Italy's top wines, region by region. We include information on their history, grape varieties, vinfication style, and aging. For your convenience we are including serving suggestions. Why ruin or downgrade a great wine by serving it too cold or too hot?

Italian Grapes

Wide-ranging data on Italy's own wine varieties. There are so many indigenous Italian grape varieties found nowhere else on earth that we have provided an alphabetical listing. Some of these relatively unknown grapes lead to excellent wines, often, but not always, at prices much less than that of their international cousins. You may find some bargains.

International Grapes

Comprehensive data on the most important international wine grapes that are widely grown in Italy. We are including indigenous Italian grape varieties such as Sangiovese that have become international. Many varieties have been in Italy so long that they have taken on an Italian character. Some of the others are relatively new transplants but promise to become part of the Italian wine world.


Two Very Broad Wine Glossaries. We have included a glossary of basic wine terms some of which have been given an Italian twist and a glossary of Italian wine terms that should be of help when you are faced with an Italian wine label. The basic glossary is cross-referenced, we believe in hypertext. For your convenience, both glossaries includes a clickable alphabetical index at the top and bottom of every page.

My Regional Food-Wine Pairing Articles

You may know by now that Italy has twenty regions. Each and every one has its own food specialties described in this series of articles. With one exception, there are two articles for each region, one describing main dishes or other specialities and the red wines to bring out their best. And another for the dishes that go with white wine. And now we're working on the desserts and their accompanying sweet wines.

Italian Wine Articles

Our unmatched collection of guest Italian wine articles divided into an introductory and an intermediate collection. We also have posted a series of articles about wine racks and other wine storage options. Our wastebasket is full of articles that didn't make the cut. While we don't always agree with all the authors's statements, we feel that each and every article is worth including in this section.

Italian Wine Reviews

If you don't have time to read our individual wine tasting articles you can get the gist of many of them in these reviews. We tell you what we like and what we don't like about the wines tasted with a variety of foods. A simple click sends you to the associated article.

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