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Let us introduce wineinyourdiet.com . We're a relatively new site but we already have the web's largest collection of indexed articles devoted to all aspects of covering wine's impact on your health, nutrition, and weight loss program. Our latest feature is a series of articles called diet plans and menus that help you choose a weight loss program (be sure to check with your doctor or other health care professional before making any decision). We include introductory nutrition and weight loss articles, in case you're starting out. We include some of our own French travel articles to keep up your morale. Remember the French Paradox, in spite of their food consumption their frequency of death from heart attacks is much lower than the American rate. Many think that it's partly due to the wine that they drink regularly but in moderation.

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My Own Wine Diet Articles And Popular Diet Articles

This section includes several articles on popular diets with a focus on the role that wine plays. Then we include many more popular diets that don't really take wine into consideration. You should know about these diets and discuss them with your doctor before going ahead with them.

Wine Diet And Nutrition

This section presents articles about how you can integrate wine into your weight loss program. You say you're not even contemplating such a program. Don't go away; we also include articles on the nutritional aspects of wine.

Wine Health

This section includes a wide range of articles discussing the potential health benefits of wine, but always in moderation. Please remember, you won't double your benefits by doubling your intake.

Wine Heart Health

There are so many alleged health benefits to wine that we have opened a section reserved for heart and related health benefits. Don't forget the importance of moderation.

Diet Plans And Menus

This new series examines dozens and dozens of popular diets helping you decide which one is right for you. Each article presents the diet's objectives, advantages, and disadvantages. It includes two sample daily menus.

General Diet And Nutrition Articles

Do you feel that you want to know more about weight loss and nutrition before getting started on a self improvement program? These articles will help you get a good start.

Dieting Problems

Are you concerned about the dangers associated with a weight loss program? You should be. Read these articles and consult your health-care professional before starting on a weight loss program. This could save your life.

Diet Fads And Scams

Our newest section of guest articles exposes several dieting tricks from people who are out to get your money. Once again, reading these articles could save your life.

Take A Break

Dieting is stressful. Cut down on the stress by dreaming of, and planning a French vacation. You won't gain any calories by reading my articles. And if you are lucky enough to go, moderate consumption of that great French wine and food shouldn't affect your waistline too much (I won't promise that you'll lose weight on a French vacation.)

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