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Wine Trivia Game

Impress your friends with your knowledge of wine trivia

People love wine. So why not a wine trivia game? Of course, you'll want a glass of wine in your hand when you play. You can get this wine trivia game from a company called Wine Smarts.

Wine Trivia and Statistics

You are a click away from a collection of interesting facts about various aspects of wine. The individual sections cover wine trivia - statistics (an average glass of wine contains ... calories), monetary facts (did you know that the grapes in an average bottle of wine cost...), historical tidbits (the first American wine was made in ...), fascinating details affecting all stages of wine production from planting to harvesting (some growers claim that mechanical harvesting of grapes...), suggestions on storing and serving wine (chill most white wines for ... minutes), and finally a few items that couldn't be squeezed into any of the other categories.

Of course not all trivia is trivial. While you don't really need to know how many grapes are in a glass of wine to enjoy it fully, storing and serving wine at the proper temperature can increase your enjoyment. Here are your Wine Trivia Sections:

How Many?
How Costly?
How Long?
How (Production)?
How to Store and Serve?

Wine is chock full of interesting and often surprising facts, factoids, and statistics. Some would call it trivia, but this wine information is hardly trivial. Spark up your next wine tasting party with wine information.

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