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Kressmann Chardonnay

Kressmann Chardonnay

I wonít count how many Chardonnays I have reviewed including numerous French offerings. Todayís example comes from the high-volume Kressmann winery, which was founded in 1871. They are so big that their production facilities and offices encompass 7.5 hectares (thatís just about 20 acres), bigger than many producerís vineyards. Kressmannís vineyards stretch over 900 acres (365 hectares) in Bordeaux and 650 acres (260 hectares) in Languedoc. Their plant can fill 25 thousand bottles an hour. The companion wine is an Israeli Chardonnay costing more than five times as much.

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Wine Reviewed
Kressmann Selection Chardonnay 2011 12% alcohol about $8.

Letís start with the marketing materials. ďTasting Note : Aromas of citrus, apple and pears. Well-balanced with a good finish. Serving Suggestion : Ideal as an aperitif or to complement grilled fish or roast chicken.Ē And now for my review.

At the first sips this wine tasted of apples and had slightly unpleasant acidity. When I nibbled on Japanese rice crackers its acidity was muted and I sensed some metal. In the presence of a dry, honey garlic barbecued chicken breast this liquid was wispy and not very present. I got pears. Dry General Tao barbecued chicken thighs brought lime to the forefront of my glass. A medley of sautťed red, yellow, and orange peppers continued the limeiness and the libation was fairly long. Commercial potato salad took away the fruit and didnít leave much else in Chardy.

The next meal began with homemade vegetable soup flavored with caraway seeds. Our French friend responded with crisp acidity and some pears. Then came the centerpiece; homemade chicken breast nuggets in a medley of spices. Now the beverage was somewhat steely and gave hints of lemon. Quinoa softened its acidity. And fresh pineapple simply muted this wine.

The final meal started with a potato appetizer in puff pastry. Whitey was appley and somewhat sweet. Then came boxed stuffed manicotti with ricotta and mozzarella cheese in tomato sauce to which I added lots of grated parmesan cheese. The wine was sweet and rather thin, and itís acidity was raw. Fresh strawberries managed to tame the acidity. The other dessert was Praline filled bittersweet Swiss chocolate squares. Now the acidity was almost gone. All I got from my glass was a wisp of fruit.

Final verdict. They wonít need a huge bottling plant for me. I am no real fan of Chardonnay. This offering wonít make me change my mind.

Access the companion wine A Non-Kosher Israeli Chardonnay.

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