A Venetian Pinot Noir

Can we get a fine Venetian Pinot Noir at this price? ...

Veneto Pinot Noir

Veneto Pinot Noir

Iíve tasted lots of Pinot Neros (Italian Pinot Noirs) over the years but offhand donít remember any coming from the major wine producing Veneto region of northeastern Italy. The Lamberti winery was established in 1964 on the shores of Lake Garda. They have 27 hectares (over 60 acres) of vineyards and do seven lines of wine including low alcohol and fizzy. This region is known for Amarone, a specially vinified wine whose origin is some pretty pedestrian grapes. Iím in the mood to review another Amarone but you wonít find one at this price point. Our companion wine is another Pinot Noir from another perhaps surprising country, Germany. And it costs a few dollars less.

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Wine Reviewed
Lamberti Pinot Noir Delle Venezie IGT 2011 12.5 % alcohol about $12.

Letís start by quoting the marketing materials ďTasting Note : bright ruby red colour; light aroma of cherry and spice; light in body with red berry and cherry flavours. Serving Suggestion : serve with salmon and mushroom risotto.Ē And now for my review.

At the first sips this wine was slightly oversweet with weak acidity at first that stepped up to normalcy later but not unpleasantly so. This all ended with the taste of earth. In the presence of homemade vegetable soup, the liquid was close to absent. When I added a generous dose of Yemeni jalepeno pepper sauce some black cherries emerged in my glass. The main dish was homemade Sheppardís pie. In response the fermented grape juice was long, tasting mostly of dark cherries but it was too sweet. The side dish was unskinned roasted eggplant brimming with garlic that removed the offending sugar from my glass. I sensed a fine balance between the wineís acidity and light tannins. Fruit juice candy for dessert weakened the liquid at first. I noted balanced acidity and a bit of earth.

The second meal began with virtually tasteless Japanese rice crackers, but our Italian friend became full-blooded bursting with black cherries and great acidity. A barbecued chicken leg with a paprika dusted skin made the libation taste of dark cherries and light salt. The companion chicken breast changed nothing. The veggies consisted of green beans and onions in a tomato sauce. In response the Pinot Noir was dark and earthy. Fresh raspberries for dessert imparted gave a pleasant sweetness to this wine.

The final meal centered on beef and chicken meatballs spiced with cumin, coriander, black pepper, and allspice. The liquid came out sweet but almost tasteless. And its acidity was weak. Boiled beets rendered our liquid spicy and appropriately acidic but light. When paired with zesty guacamole this juice became long and balanced.

Final verdict. I wonít be buying this wine again. There are too many good ones out there.

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