An Alsatian Chasselas

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Jean Geiler Alsatian Chasselas

Jean Geiler Alsatian Chasselas

Several years ago I reviewed a Swiss Chasselas. I recently saw an Alsatian Chasselas and just couldnít resist. Honestly, I hadnít heard of this little known white grape growing anywhere but in Switzerland. In 1926 six growers from Ingersheim founded a cooperative known as Cave Jean Geller in honor of a local Fifteenth Century bigwig. The coop has expanded to some 175 growers possessing more than 900 acres (370 hectares). You may think that cooperatives donít make fine wine. Think again. This group is responsible for 9 of Alsaceís 51 Grand Crus. When you are in the area make sure to visit their wine museum featuring a recently restored oak cask dating back to 1880. Its total capacity is more than 47 thousand bottles, the largest functioning cask in all Europe. You should stop by the nearby city of Colmar whose old town includes La Petite Venise (Little Venice), featuring beautiful old houses along the canals. I donít think there are any gondoliers. The companion wine is made from another relatively uncommon white grape, Viognier, coming from Chile at about two-thirds the price.

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Wine Reviewed
Jean Geiler Rťserve ParticuliŤre Chasselas 2011 12 % alcohol about $14.

Letís start by quoting the marketing materials. ďDescription : Itís rare to see a single-variety Chasselas from Alsace where it is more commonly used in the regionís blended wines (known as Edelzwicker). An amazingly good value, itís easy to see why this version from Jean Geiler was singled out. Look for lime, spring flowers, pear and mushroom aromas. Dry and soft-textured wine with a lively crisp finish. Perfect quaffing white or serve it with goat cheese appetizers.Ē And now for my review.

At the first sips this wine was elegant and oily, tasting of pears. Wasabi coated peanuts rounded and lengthened the liquid. In the presence of barbecued chicken breast the wine tasted metallic accompanied by light but pleasant acidity. A quinoa side dish gave our Alsatian friend a burnt taste and solid acidity. Steamed broccoli kept this acidity good and I tasted smoke in my glass. In response to fruit juice candy I noticed a few apricots but the libation was flat.

The next meal began with Japanese rice crackers. Now this liquid was long and crisply acidic. When this Chasselas encountered home made chicken breast nuggets, it was oily, very long, and nicely dark with good acidity. A fried vegetable combo of red peppers and Jerusalem artichokes spiced with Cilantro imparted to the liquid smoke, balanced acidity, and some burnt taste. It was long and mouth cleansing. In the presence of fresh blueberries Whitey was oaky and offered pleasant acidity. A square of bittersweet Swiss chocolate render gave the libation some lemons but it was rather muted.

The final meal centered on fried, packaged sweet potato pancakes slathered with high-butterfat yoghurt. In response the drink tasted of green apples, unripe green apples with a bit too much acidity and some metal. Zesty guacamole rendered my glassís contents oily and long, but weak. Dessert was Haagen-Dazs Caramel Cone Explosion ice cream. The wine was almost gutted by all that sugar but the lemony taste stood up.

Final verdict. I would definitely buy this wine again. Unfortunately my local supplier does not carry any other wines from this producer. I am going to pick up another bottle for my wine club.

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