Review Of A Red Cannonau di Sardegna Italian Wine

Sella and Mosca Cannonau di Sardegna (V) DOC Reserva 2003 13.5% alcohol about $12.50

I found that it had quite a light color for a red wine. To my mind, it was thin but pleasant with very little nose. I first tasted it with a rib steak marinated in a spicy sauce. This pairing brought out the fruit, and the wine was pleasantly acidic, but I would have preferred a more robust wine to balance the meat. I finished the bottle with barbequed hamburgers, and it didnít go quite as well. The wine was weak, perhaps affected by staying too long in the bottle.

I donít plan on buying this wine again, I found it a bit overpriced. Even though it didnít cost a lot, one might have thought that a mass-produced wine from Sardinia would be somewhat less expensive.

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