Review Of A Pricey Red Sicilian Wine

Tasca díAlmerita Regaleali ĎRosso del Conteí Contea di Sclafania DOC 2002 15% alcohol about $38

Unlike the other reviews in this series, this wine was reviewed by my wine tasting group. Here are there comments and then some of my own.

A bit of black fruit. Highly oaked. Toasted grains, toast, grilled barley. Nervous and wild. Garriga (a mixture of spices found in areas near the Mediterranean Sea). Leather, dried meat, musk, and underbrush. A strong presence. Acidic and tannic, but not very long. Moderately long, fairly tannic. Round. More fruit than oak.

When asked to guess the price, the general consensus was considerably lower than what I actually paid. Itís fair to assume that most of these people would not purchase this wine, even if they do buy wines in this price range. On the other hand, itís not hard to find reviews on the Internet that draw the opposite conclusion. In fact, every review that I read was more laudatory than my tasting group was. And my thoughts?

Personally, I would rather drink wine with food than without food. There were only a few sips left in the bottle but I was able to squeeze out two pairings. First I tried slow-cooked beef ribs with potatoes and a side of green beans in tomato sauce. This wine was the essence of mouth-filling, a tiny sip enveloped my mouth with pleasure. The wineís acidity and tannins handled the meatís fat. If only I had more.

Final verdict. Itíll probably be quite some time before I buy another bottle of Rosso del Conte. I do think that itís worth the price, but I canít say that I got a $100 wine for less than $40. Have you ever done so?

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