Review Of An Aglianco Red Italian Wine

Cantine di Palma DOC ‘Il Nibbio Grigio’ Aglianico Vulture 2000 13% alcohol about $14

This was a wine that I was rooting for, prior to opening the bottle. It is a hard life for many people in Bascilicata; perhaps that’s why the residents live longer than in most other Italian regions. But I didn’t have to cheat to like this wine. Interestingly enough, my supplier has dropped the price by $2 a bottle, which may be a first for the wines in this series. I might buy a half case and taste it over the years. And now to my review.

This wine was full-bodied when paired with meatballs and potatoes and moderately long with beef ribs.

Then I drank this wine with a grilled rib steak in my spicy, homemade barbeque sauce. It was really excellent. It held up well and tasted of dark fruit and tobacco.

I believe that you can guess my verdict. In spite of what I have read, this wine is not very tannic. I would not recommend keeping it until 2020, or even 2015, as some others suggest. But I do recommend buying it now, and even storing it for a few years.

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