Review Of An Inexpensive Italian Rosť Castel del Monte

I first tried this wine with an omelet containing red onions, Portabello mushrooms, and non-imported Provolone cheese. The wine was mildly acidic and refreshing, and brought out the onionís sweetness. It was a summer wine, youíd know it was a rosť without seeing it. On the other hand, it was very short.

My next tasting was with chicken meat balls and green beans amandine. While the wine was pleasantly acidic, once again it was quite fleeting and almost overpowered by mild food. This is one of the few wines that I prefer without food. It usually did not add anything to the food.

Final verdict, I donít think that Iíll buy this wine again. The competition is too great, even at the $8 price point.

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