Review Of A Pricey Red Italian Gattinara Wine

Travaglina Gattinara DOCG 2001 13.5% alcohol about $28

My first pairing was with a cheeseless meat lasagna. Frankly the wine was wasted on this meal. It was mouthfilling, long, and powerful, but yet delicate. I felt that the wine was great on its own. A few ounces kept my mouth satisfied for a very long time.

The next pairing was more suitable, grilled rib steak in my spicy, homemade barbeque sauce that included ketchup, sweet and sour mustard, fresh garlic, and black pepper. The meal also included potato patties, and caponata, an Italian-style eggplant and tomato salad. This marriage was made in heaven. The wine was mouthfilling and powerful. A little bit went a very long way.

The final meal was with slow-cooked, boneless beef ribs and potatoes. Once again, the wine was very powerful, tasting of leather and dark fruit. It is easily the most powerful wine of the series, and probably one of the most powerful wines that I have ever tasted. However, I did not find the tannins assertive; they blended perfectly with the fruit and other flavors.

Final verdict. I donít think that this wine should be cellared for a dozen years, but I would love to find out. If I had the money, Iíd buy a case, drink a bottle a year, and then decide what to do. Not going to happen. This wonderful wine will have to go into my once a year category. Iím already looking forward to savoring and comparing the 2002 vintage with this excellent 2001.

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