Review Of An Inexpensive White Liebfraumilch Wine

Bihn Liebfraumilch 2005 9.7% alcohol about $7.50

My first pairing was with a salad consisting of baby spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese, and California olives. The wine was lightly fruity (appley) and pleasant but weak and short.

The next tasting involved cold barbequed chicken with a cucumber and onion salad and a potato salad. Once again the wine was light and fruity but this time of middle length. It cut the fat nicely.

The final meal consisted of a broccoli and olive quiche topped with parmesan cheese (baked with the quiche, not added afterwards). The wine was light, refreshing, and slightly sweet. This sweetness did not clash with the quicheís saltiness. I finished the glass with an el Cheapo chocolate ice cream sandwich. The wine became slightly honeyed.

Final verdict. This Liebfraumilch never really added anything to the food; it simply provided a not at all bad tasting liquid to wash the food down. If thatís good enough for you then it is a bargain, in spite of a somewhat dubious past. Fine wine is wasted on some everyday food. And I cannot afford fine wine all the time. Sometimes this Liebfraumilch will more or less fill the bill. Iíll be buying it again. But Iíll be careful when and where I serve it.

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