Review Of A White Pfalz Riesling

Lingenfelder Bird Label Riesling 2004 11% alcohol about $13

My first pairing was with a cheeseless lasagna. The wine was very pleasant with nice fruit and lightly acidic. The acidity did a good job of cutting the meatís grease. When it encountered a slice of poppyseed cake the wine became more acidic but remained very good. It tasted of melon and citrus fruit.

This Riesling next accompanied baked filo dough rolls covered by sesame seeds, stuffed with ground chicken and peas, and topped with a Middle Eastern salsa. The salsa was moderately spicy and included tomatoes, red peppers, and onions. This pairing was quite successful. Once again the wineís acidity cut the meatís grease, and the salsa intensified the wineís fruit. The mealís conclusion was not as fine; a slice of apple cake containing mint chocolate was simply too sweet for the wine. Interestingly enough, the cake did intensify the wineís citrus taste.

I then tried stove-top cooked chicken in a sauce containing paprika and cumin, potatoes and tomatoes. The wine was quite fruity; this time I tasted lime. It was refreshingly acidic.

The only German cheese available in my favorite imported cheese store was a Limberger. This cheese is famous for its pungent smell, being the target of comedy by Mark Twain, Charlie Chaplin, Abbot and Costello, Looney Tunes and others. Limberger is a cowís milk cheese with a soft interior. When I bought this cheese it had virtually no odor but by the time I paired it with this wine the odor started to develop. The wine was able to retain its fruit but did have a flat aftertaste. In the presence of a ripe French Camembert, a cheese made from unpasteurized cowís milk, the wine lacked fruit, but as if to compensate, also lacked an aftertaste. Neither pairing was successful.

Final verdict. I like this wine, and I like its price.

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