Review Of A White Pfalz Gewürztraminer Wine

Darting Gewürztraminer Kabinett 2005 10.8% alcohol about $14

My first pairing was with turkey meatballs, potatoes, and sautéed vegetables in a moderately spicy tomato based sauce. The wine was round, light, a bit sweet, and not very acidic. The vegetables’ sweetness intensified the wine’s sweetness, but the wine never became cloying. I tasted apples in the background. I tried the Gewürztraminer with chocolate covered candied orange peels. The wine was round but a bit disappointing. As always, I don’t blame the wine for failing a stab in the dark type pairing.

My next trial involved canned tuna perked up with a Moroccan spice known as Harissa, cold roasted potatoes, and a cold vegetable medley. The wine was sweet and tasted of honey without being at all cloying. I did taste the lychee that I was supposed to taste. The wine had pleasant acidity. You might consider canned tuna and honey-tasting wine to be a marriage made in Purgatory but I rather liked the combination. I think it would have been even better if the Harissa lived up to its promise as a fiery spice. For dessert I had homemade biscotti slathered with high-quality apricot preserves. The Gewürztraminer became pleasantly acidic to match the dessert’s sweetness.

The final meal included whole-wheat pasta with a commercial spaghetti sauce to which I added sautéed brown mushrooms and red onions. I sprinkled lots of ground Parmesan cheese on the mixture. The wine tasted quite sweet, sweeter than before. Its sweetness was a good match for the tomato sauce’s sweetness. The side dish consisted of steamed asparagus with onion powder and a fair measure of cayenne pepper. This combination rendered the wine more complex than previously. It balanced the spices well. The wine was weak with a fruit juice based candy.

Final verdict. Nothing special. This wine was sufficiently disappointing that I won’t be buying it again. I like the idea of a German white wine other than a Riesling, but not this particular offering.

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