Review Of A Red Mosel Dornfelder Wine

Wehlener Nonnerberg Dornfelder Trocken 2005 13.0% alcohol about $15.50

My first pairing was with a grilled rib steak that had been marinated, perhaps for too long. The meat was accompanied by potatoes that were roasted in chicken fat and spicy Moroccan carrots. Letís not mince words; this wine was lousy. It was a sort of alcoholic grape juice, admittedly with a pleasant acidity.

The next meal included spicy meat balls, rice, and once again Moroccan carrots. The wine was somewhat rounder, but still wasnít good. For some reason I thought of Concord grape wine, although the Dornfelder wasnít all that sweet.

The final meal consisted of beef stew with roasted potatoes and rice. The wine was moderately better but still tasted grapey. And it was still basically unacceptable.

Final verdict. Even at half its price I would not buy this wine again. Dornfelder is grown in several other areas of Germany. But I donít see why I should open my wallet to give this grape another chance; there are too many fine German and other wines out there.

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