Review Of A White Franconian Silvaner Wine

Burgerspital Zum Hl. Geist Silvaner Kabinett Trocken 2004 10.6% alcohol about $17

The first pairing was with leftover, reheated chicken in soy sauce with potatoes. The wine was acidic, you can taste the smoke. It was quite nice, even more so after the chicken was finished. The wine was not a success with thin biscuits containing almonds and pistachios.

Next I tried it with fried chicken breast strips, green beans, and rice. The wine was less acidic but had a not totally pleasant taste. It was harsh. It was almost, but not quite citrusy.

I then went to a slow cooked veal chop with potatoes and chick peas in a brown sauce, accompanied by a spicy Moroccan tomato salsa. I cannot believe what happened to this wine. It became round, quite long, and pleasantly acidic. The Silvaner tasted of limes and apples. It also went quite well with homemade biscotti type cookies.

My last meal paired this wine with a red pepper and mushroom omelette, accompanied by a commercial Greek eggplant side dish. The wine-omelette combination was a success. The wine was fairly long and showed fresh, if not racy, acidity. However, it flagged a bit when teamed with the acidic eggplant. And now come the cheeses.

Final Verdict. I never thought that Id recommend purchasing a Silvaner wine. Live and learn. I am ready to purchase this wine again, but would watch what I pair it with.

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