Review Of A Red Baden Pinot Noir Wine

Konigschaffhausen Pinot Noir 2003 13.0% alcohol about $15

My first meal consisted of breaded, fried chicken breast with potato salad, eggplant, and tomato salad. Perhaps because I knew that the wine was a Pinot Noir, I tasted the earth and a bit of tobacco. I really enjoyed this combination.

For my next tasting, I started with a tomato-based eggplant salad and humus topped by very piquant Moroccan spices. I continued with beef stew and potatoes. Once again I knew this Pinot Noir was a Pinot Noir and I enjoyed it all the way.

The final meal wasnít really a meal. It was a late night snack of cold barbequed chicken. The wine was excellent and tasted of light cherries. At first I thought it was short, but later sips changed my mind.

Final verdict. Iím going to buy this wine again. The 2003 vintage is no longer available so Iíll grab the 2004 and see what a difference a year makes.

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