German Wine Reviews Mini Home Page

You have a big dinner party, a big date, or just a quiet evening coming up. Of course, you want a fine wine to match your food. What to buy, that is the question. You don't have forever and a day or even a few hours to wade through lengthy wine reviews. I humbly suggest the following capsule reviews selected from my extensive collection of wine articles. Each capsule review is linked to the original article that presents the complete review and extensive information about the wine, where it came from, and additional food pairing details.

Why would you want to read my reviews and articles? I am a real wine lover, but by no means a wine snob. In less than a year I have written over fifty wine articles and there are many more to come. All wines reviewed were purchased at the full retail price. There is nothing wrong with wine advertisements, but my reviews and articles are not advertisements. Last but not least, if I don't like a wine I let you know.

Let me just set out some ground rules. Many wines that I buy have limited availability. I don't sell wines and I can't promise you that reviewed wines will be available at your little neighborhood wine shop or even the giant wine store across town or across the state. Changing the vintage year or vineyard may make a major difference in the wine's quality. For another proof that I am no wine snob here is my price schedule:

Up to $10 - inexpensive
$10.01 to $20 - moderate
$20.01 and up - pricey

Here is our list of German capsule reviews.
First come the reds

A Moderate Baden Pinot Noir
A Moderate Mosel Dornfelder

Next come the whites.
A Moderate Pfalz Riesling
An Inexpensive Deutscher Tafelwein
A Moderate Franconian Silvaner
A Moderate Pfalz Gewürtztraminer
A Moderate Franconian Riesling
An Inexpensive Liebfraumilch