Review Of A Red Côtes du Rhône

Réserve Perrin Côtes du Rhône P2004 13% about $12

My first meal consisted of rib steak and fried potatoes. The steak was marinated in a homemade ketchup and horseradish mustard sauce. By accident too much mustard fell into the sauce, but I didn’t want to throw it out and start over again. No problem, this wine rose to the challenge easily and wasn’t in the least overwhelmed by all that horseradish. I still tasted dark fruits and spices.

My next meal involved slow cooked ribs and potatoes. The wine was very round and full. While it wasn’t complex it was quite pleasant. In addition to the above components I tasted a bit of tar. When the food was gone the wine tasted peppery. I liked it.

Once again I went to beef, this time a slow cooked beef stew. The wine was a bit chewy. It was powerful and mouth-filling.

Final verdict. This wine is a definite winner, especially when you consider its price. I’ll be buying it again, but not before tasting several other wines from both the north and the south of the Rhône Valley.

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