Review Of A Red Midi Merlot

Domaine des Aspes Merlot 2003 13% about $14

My first meal was take out. It consisted of chicken breast with the skin on, potato salad, and a somewhat spicy tomato, red pepper, and garlic salad. No, I didnít buy this last salad in the Midi. At the first taste the wine was excellent: it was very round and quite rich with a bit of tobacco and plenty of dark fruit. You know the old story about not getting a second chance to make a first impression. No need. I think that the Merlotís length and level of complexity kept it from competing in a totally different price range. I wasted a bit by trying it with a quite unorthodox partner, fresh pineapple. No surprise, the two didnít mesh.

The next meal was a stove-top home cooked chicken breast with a somewhat spicy tomato sauce, white rice, and green beans. Once again the wine was quite powerful with tobacco and dark fruit.

Of course I did want to try this wine with red meat. I went for hamburgers and the fixings. Once again it was a success. The Merlot was long and round with a pronounced taste of tobacco. Let me remind you that I am not now and have never really been a smoker. I donít go looking for a tobacco taste but I do like it in a wine, if not overdone. In all cases I was pleased with its tobacco taste. The wine seemed a bit chewy and very pleasant. The last sips were quite enjoyable after the meal was over.

Final verdict. Can you guess? Will the next bottle be as good? Iíll follow my instincts and the marketing notes and try it with barbecued steak.

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