Review Of A White Burgundy Chardonnay

Pouilly-Vinzelles AOC ĎEn Paradisí 2003 Louis Latour 12.6% about $18.50

My first meal was a Poulet Chasseur (Chicken Cacciatore) that I made with considerable care. The wine was very delicate and yet not weak. Its apple flavor expressed itself well. I enjoyed how the wineís acid dealt with the meatís grease, which was relatively low because I cooked the chicken without its skin.

The next meal was more pedestrian. It consisted of chicken legs in a soy, onion, and garlic sauce. The wine was refreshing and pleasant but fairly short.

Continuing to work my way down the food scale, the next pairing involved a baked noodle dish, a cheese-less lasagna with tomatoes, onions, peas, and chicken hamburger. The wine was appley and floral and went very well with the meal, but seemed a bit wasted.

The final meal was disappointing. It consisted of an omelet with brown mushrooms, local provolone cheese, and the fixings. The wine was pleasant but not at all special, in fact it was not particularly present.

Final verdict. Iím not sure. This wine was sometimes quite good, but I think it was too expensive. What do you expect from a Burgundy? By the way, the labelís term En Paradis was not the least bit justified.

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