Review Of A French White Beaujolais

Pisse-Dru Beaujolais Blanc 2004 12.9% alcohol about $10.00

My first meal consisted of barbecued chicken with potatoes cooked in chicken fat and green beans in tomato sauce. The wine had a nice tingling taste and was refreshingly acidic. It really cut the grease of this quite greasy meal.

My next pairing was with a commercial chicken pot pie perked up by a Chinese hot sauce. This Beaujolais Blanc was once again refreshingly acidic, light and fruity. But it was fairly short and overpowered by a hot sauce that wasnít very hot. The wine had no such problem with poppy seed cake.

My final meal was an omelet with brown mushrooms, local provolone cheese, and the fixings. I was surprised and somewhat disappointed that the wine was quite light when paired with a mild-tasting omelet.

Final verdict. Like most people I know, I have a limited budget. This wine was fine for the price. It doesnít go well with everything, most wines donít. But it goes very well with food that I really like (barbecued chicken and greasy potatoes), and I am planning to buy it again.

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