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Comparing Wooden And Metal Wine Racks

Which way should we go, wooden or metal?...

Wood And Metal Wine Rack

Wood and metal wine rack

Some say go wood. Some say go metal. So what about a wood and metal wine rack as shown above?

Our Introduction To Comparing Wooden And Metal Wine Racks

Ellsworth presents the advantages and disadvantages of both wooden and metal wine racks. Then it's up to you to make the decision according to your needs, your artistic taste, and your budget.

Wooden Wine Rack Vs.  Metal Wine Rack

Author: Matt Ellsworth

There is more than one kind of wine rack on the market and choosing the right wine rack for your wine collection is no small task. You have a choice between a metal wine rack and a wooden wine rack, these are the most favored type of wine racks to date. Each wine rack has its own set of benefits and the wine rack that you choose will take a couple of things into consideration such as personal taste and home décor.

A wooden wine rack is nice because it looks great and is generally pretty easy to put together. Not many people have too much trouble with the average wooden wine rack. A wooden wine rack also tends to be quite light while still being able to hold an enormous amount of weight.

There is also flexibility to a wooden wine rack and that is in its paint ability. You can paint this type of wine rack to match just about any home décor. It is even easy to build your own wooden wine rack if you like to build things for the home and this type of wine rack is very durable and can last you for years to come. There is another perk to a wooden wine rack and that is the fact that if you were to bump your wine bottle a little hard on the wine rack for some reason accidentally it is less likely to shatter on a wine rack compared to on a metal wine rack.

A metal wine rack is also very popular among today's wine enthusiasts. You can get shapes and styles in a metal wine rack that you simply cannot get in a wooden wine rack. For many people this itself is the selling point and the fact that a wine rack will last you forever and you can find a metal wine rack is any shape size or color and down the road if you want to repaint it you can.

If you do choose a painted metal wine rack though, make sure that it has been painted with chip resistant paint or you could find it losing its paint right away. Metal racks are strong and they are durable but when they break they are much harder to repair than their wooden wine rack counterparts. You cannot just whip up a quick fix for a metal wine rack so make sure that the one that you choose is high quality.

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