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Wine Rack Plans - Seven Easy Steps To Develop Your Own Custom Wine Rack Plan
By Celine Yong

Every homeowner will have his or her preferred area in the home to place his or her own wine collection. Sometimes the designated space may be limited or have its own unique characteristics. We may therefore be required to develop our own custom wine rack plans to build wine racks that will display our wine collection in such a limited or defined space.

Just how do you develop your own custom wine rack plans? Here are seven easy steps:

1. Choose a spot which is not subject to severe temperature fluctuations, excessive light and humidity to place your wine rack.

2. Measure the space you wish to rack. The size of the space will determine how many bottles you can store. For example, a 5-foot by 5-foot space with a 7-foot ceiling will hold about 540 bottles. If you require space for a cooling unit, be sure to allocate some space and budget for it as well.

Simple home wine rack plans

Build confidence and wine racks with simple wine rack plans.

3. Allow a depth of 13.5 inches for the depth of each wine rack and the bottles being stored in it.

4. Make sure that there are no visible obstructions on the wall or on the floor such light switches, pipes, cables and so on. Also ensure that you are not going to damage any water pipes or electric cables when doing any drilling. Check the route of the area to be racked. Ensure that there will be no problems with access such as stairways, narrow doorways and so on.

5. Determine if your wine rack is intended to be a showcase or is it for storage. Decide on the exact or likely items to be stored.

6. Determine if your wine collection is constant or growing. Allocate at least 30% more space for expansion purposes.

7. Determine if you have any odd-sized bottles that you want to store. Take note of their dimensions. If you wish to store wine cases and wine glasses, take note of their dimensions and numbers too.

Based on above steps, you should be able to determine the type of plans you should be working on. For example, would it be a wine rack cabinet, wall mounted wine rack, modular wine rack, floor wine rack and so on?

After you have decided which type of wine rack you want, look for detailed plans for these types of wine racks. Based on the numbers and measurements you have gathered from the steps above, you'll be able to determine how the wine rack plan needs to be customized to suit your own needs.

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