How To Build A Wine Rack? DIY - Choose The Right Wine Rack Plans
Author: Liam Carter

Before you start building...

Wine Rack Plans

Wine Rack Plans

Build your wine rack from plans

Wine storage need not be difficult when you have orderly and appropriate wine racks to store your wines. There are a variety of wine rack plans available online that can produce inexpensive and easy to build racks. You have a wide array of choices of the designs and appearances of wood wine racks from the stand alone models to the miniature measured wine placement racks.

The miniature racks can accentuate counter tops and bar and kitchen nooks or even a special spot in the living room. These racks can actually be placed in almost any part of the house because of its modular design. It is quite popular to build a wooden wine rack, primarily because it fits into most areas of the house and blends with almost all types of furniture. In fact the oak wood and other dark woods make for ideal centerpieces for any furniture setup.

Simple Wine Rack Plans

Wine Rack Plans2

Don't these wine rack plans look simple?

Good wine rack plan provides a breakdown of materials, tools, and equipment necessary in complete building a rack. It also includes cost and time schedule for its completion. This makes it convenient for users and even affords them the opportunity to build racks that they can eventually sell for profit.

What Kind Of Wine Racks You're Looking For?
Finding out what kind of rack is the first step you need to do because they come in almost all shapes and sizes. They may be arranged on a table, attached from the ceiling, suspended from a wall, and stood on the floor. Choosing the right rack for you may be a cumbersome task because of the many choices of wine rack plans available.

When choosing a specific rack for wine it is important to determine how many bottles of wine you intend to store at any given time, as well as your intended budget. For voluminous wine bottles you may opt to choose the rack plans that specify usage for wine cellars.

For small quantities of wine bottles, a miniature table top rack that can easily hold from 3 to a dozen bottles may be appropriate as a startup rack and this can easily fit any nook and cranny of your house. When you step up or increase the number of wine bottles you wish to store, then you may now opt to go for the floor standing wine rack which can accommodate from 2 to 4 dozens of bottles.

Cube box wine racks are a good option for medium sized storage and is a popular choice that can hold batches of 24 bottles per cube. For storage of 100 to 200 wine bottles, you may consider plans using a wine racking system with modular frames and divisions which you can incorporate in your wine cellar.

The prices of ready-made racks range from $100 to over $1,000, depending on the quality of wood and model of racks you choose and on the quantity of wine bottles you intend to store.

Or alternatively, you have the option of building your own rack based on the plans of your choice. All you need to do is determine the size of your rack based on the intended space it would be located. The bottles must be stacked horizontally to keep the cork moist and avoid dust accumulation on its necks.

After that, get yourself the right woodworking wine rack plan of your choice! You can download a variety of wine rack plans and other woodworking plans as well in diy woodworking plans.

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