A Guide To Retail Wine Racks
Author: Ellen Pedersen

Does your wine shop store its wine properly?...

Medium Commercial Wine Racks

Medium Commercial Wine Racks

Stores should invest in wine racks

Any legitimate wine dealer should store all wine bottles on specially designed retail wine racks. Did you know that the majority of retail stores do not store wine correctly? When you think about your own preferred wine dealer, do they store the bottles upright on metal shelves? Sadly, this can cause the cork to dry out over time. A good wine store uses wholesale wine racks designed to keep the bottles on their sides.

Unless a store owner knows that the bottles of wine will sell quickly, it is essential to store wine bottles on their sides on specially designed retail wine racks. By remaining on their sides, the cork remains moistened ensuring the best quality of wine; also, exposure to light is minimized. A store using wholesale wine racks of this nature demonstrates their storage knowledge. Wine connoisseurs can be meticulous and most will only purchase from a wine seller who knows how to store wine properly.

Large Commercial Wine Racks

Large Commercial Wine Racks

Beautiful commercial wine racks

There are a few different options when selecting retail wine racks. You can choose from island stands, corner stands, and circular stands. Each style can be pleasing to the customer's eye. When considering the style, it is essential to create a nice flow within the retail space. You do not want customers banging into each other or the retail wine racks. Broken bottles can mean a loss of expensive merchandise.

Island stands are rectangular and contain a sloped top that covers vertical rows of bottle storage on each side of the rack. The sloped top typically holds eight or ten wine bottles. Underneath the top display model, the vertical rows hold eight to twelve additional bottles of wine or champagne. Storage space is ample, and the island stands design keeps the majority of the wine out of direct light. Island stands keep the retail floor looking organized and appealing. For under $600, these wholesale wine racks are a smart choice.

Corner retail wine racks tuck neatly into tight spaces. A small number of spaces line the front of the corner stand allowing for four display bottles per level to be shown. On each side of the display area, vertical rows allow for corresponding bottles of wine to be stored on their sides. The stand keeps the bottles from direct lighting and proper wine storage conditions are easily met.

Circular stands typically offer three levels of circular storage space. They can be bulky and take up plenty of floor space. Nonetheless, they also supply the wine buyer with excellent accessibility. Each circle contains a raised rim that keeps the bottles from sliding off. Wine bottles tilt slightly and remain open to the direct light. Therefore, wines on circular retail wine racks should be wines that sell quickly.

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