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Australian Organic Winery

Australian organic winery in organic wine making
Rosnay organic winery, Canowindra, New South Wales, Australia.

Where Do You Go To Buy Organic Wine? Here's A List Of Organic Wine Suppliers
Author: Dan R. Morris

Did you know that organic wines have higher concentrations of Resveratrol because the grapes, vines and soil have not been treated with pesticides to prevent fungus from growing. Grapes without the aid of pesticides must enact their own defenses. Resveratrol, the compound shown to increase life span and fight disease, is one of these defenses. While traditional red wines are still mightily good for you, some research shows that organic wines have higher concentrations of "the good stuff" and thus are even healthier. Here's a list of great places to look for organic wines.

American organic winery in organic wine making
Bonterra Vineyards, Louisville, Kentucky

Where do you go for organic wines?
Johnny Green Seeds Wines - - A specialty wholesaler of certified organic and organically grown wines. Founded in California, Johnny Green Seeds moved to Birmingham, AL in 2001.

Organic Wine Company - The Organic Wine Company brings world-class organically grown wine from France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile and California.

Mountain Peoples Wholesale - Celebrating over 10 years as one of the leading organic wine and beer distributors in the industry. Located in the small town of Grass Valley, nestled in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

Organic Vintages - Offers fine wines made from 100% organically grown grapes with no or low sulfites added.

Bonterra - Located in Hopland, CA, Bonterra is one of the forerunners of organic grape growing. They produce over 150,000 cases globally of wines made from certified, organically grown grapes.

Wines Unlimited - A distributor of fine wines and spirits limited to licensed retailers only.

Organic Vintners - premier importer of organic wines, offering the best international and domestic wines from the world's best organic wine makers.

For links to these organic wine suppliers, to find some more information on organic wines and to learn more about the benefits of red wine and grape seed extract, you might find http://www.benefits-of-resveratrol.com/organic-red-wine.html helpful.

Dan Morris - Antioxidant Researcher, Owner and Founder of http://www.benefits-of-resveratrol.com

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