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Wine From Organic Grapes

Wine from organic grapes in organic wine making
An Israeli ecological wine.

Don't Buy The Organic Wine Claim
Author: Richard Chapo

With obesity and health problems on the rise, we've all started taking a closer look at what we eat. For instance, if pesticides kill bugs, they can't be too good for us either. This goes for the wines we drink as well, which brings us to the subject of organic wine.

Organically grown grapes in organic wine making
Do these organically grown grapes look better than the regular variety?

In the last year, I've heard more than a few people carry on about the merits of organic wine. Personally, I prefer organic food because the idea of consuming lots of chemicals through one's food is not particularly appealing. I even happen to be a vegetarian to give you some perspective. That being said, I have a few pointed concerns regarding organic wine.

First off, you should understand there is no organic wine that lasts more than a month or so that I am aware of. The reason has to do with preservation. To preserve a wine, a chemical compound has to be used. Most wineries go with sulphur dioxide variations. This is not an organic substance, so the wine is not organic per se.

While browsing through my local wine shop, I've been taking close looks at the wine vintages claiming to be organic. In truth, my criticism of them is misplaced. Not a single winery claimed to be selling organic wine. Instead, they claim to be selling wine "made from organic grapes" or some similar language. Many buyers just assume this means that the wine is organic, but clearly the wineries have not found a way around the preservative problem.

You might also be wondering what "organically grown grapes" are. Aren't all grapes organic? Yes, but most wineries probably are referring to the growing conditions. Organic grapes would undoubtedly be grown without using artificial chemical fertilizers for instance. Yes, it is a fine line to draw in the sand.

Ultimately, the classification of whether an "organic wine" is worth anything from the organic perspective is a matter of where you draw a line in the sand. For instance, some vegetarians will not eat anything from an animal including milk, cheese and so on. Others are okay with animal products as long as they are not meat. Who is right? It is a personal choice.

The same personal choice seems necessary with organic wine. It is clearly not one hundred percent organic. Is it organic enough for you? Only you can decide.

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