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What Is A Biodynamic Wine?
Author: Ben

First of all, we need to explain what a biodynamic wine. A biodynamic wine is a wine made from grapes grown biodynamically.

Biodynamic vineyard in organic wine making
Beneziger's Sonoma Mountain Estate, a beautiful locale for biodynamic wine.

Biodynamic vineyards have the same goal as organic vineyards – to produce grapes from which to make wine profitably without using synthetic additives. The only difference between organic and biodynamic vineyards is that on biodynamic ones the work in the vineyard is timed to coincide with the earth’s natural rhythms so that the vine is receptive to what the winegrower is asking to do. These natural rhythms are determined by the position of the moon, the sun and the planets as well as the earth. So whereas organic farmers concern themselves predominantly with the soil - in other words what's going on beneath their feet - Biodynamists also concern themselves with what's going on above their heads.

Biodynamic growers feel that the influence the movement of celestial bodies relative to each other and to the earth have a significant influence on how plants grow. This is not new. For instance, Hesiod when writing in the eighth century BC stipulated that wine be made according to a sign from the sky:

When Orion and the Dog Star move Into the mid-sky, and the Arcturus sees The rosy-fingered dawn. (Works and Days II: 609-17)

Vineyards claiming to make wines from biodynamically grown grapes are certified by a regulatory body called Demeter (international trademark). Demeter was the Greek Goddess of agriculture and protector of the fruits on the earth. The whole vineyard must be converted to biodynamics for the wine from it to be marketed with Demeter seal.

Biodynamics has its fair share of sceptics, but can anyone ignore the obvious influence of the moon on the world around us?

Some tips now to enjoy organic wine.
Biodynamic wines as organic wines need, in most case, to be decanted to benefit both the appearance and the taste of the wine. Decanting helps the appearance by leaving any sediment in the wine at the bottom of the bottle the wine came in, rather in your glass. Remember that organic wines are often bottled without fining or filtration, so they are likely to contain sediment. This is often a good sign in a wine. Decanting helps the wine to breathe and develop all its aromas.

If after all, you are not convinced, why not pop in a real good independent wine merchant to have a little tasting and let yourself be seduced by the wine.

Ben works at Festival Wines, a wine shop selling organic wines , biodynamic wines vegetarian wines, vegan wines and low sulphur wines . Festival Wines is an independent wine merchant dedicated to Artisan and fine wines. This is the only exclusively Organic wine and Biodynamic Wine shop in the south of England.

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