A Sweet German Gewurztraminer

Can Gewurz do sweet right?...

Sweet German Gewurztraminer

Sweet German Gewurztraminer

You may know that Iím quite a fan of high-quality sweet German Rieslings. Here I am reviewing one of their cousins. Even if you donít know German you might enjoy looking at the producerís video. If you are in the Bad Duerkheim area of southwestern Germany, near the French border, you should check out the local Wurstmarkt that offers a lot more than hot dogs. This mid-September festival has been running for close to 600 years. And itís easy to access by bus or by rail so you can taste many of the 150 wines. The companion wine is another German Gewurztraminer costing about half as much.

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Wine Reviewed Darting Duerkheimer Nonnengarten Gewuerztraminer Kabinett 2012 10.5 % alcohol about $18.

Letís start by quoting the marketing materials ďTasting Note : Classic gewurz on the nose: rose petal and lychee aromas. Medium sweetness on the palate is perfectly balanced with acidity. The ultimate wine for Asian, curries and spicy dishes. Try it! Very textured and nuanced with an intriguing spicebox finish. Highly recommended. Pair with : spicy barbecued chicken, chicken vindaloo, autumn hodgepodge, fruit cake, wasabi seasoning. Drink: 2012-2018. Score Ė 93. (Natalie MacLean, at her web site, April 6, 2013)Ē And now for my review.

At the first sips this wine was honeyed and very long. When paired with a barbecued chicken breast the libationís response was citrus, sweet acidity, and lychees. Steamed quinoa with turmeric gave this liquid the classic honey and acidity of a Riesling with a touch of metal. A salad composed of tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, and red onion rendered the fermented juice almost too sweet as most of its acidity was gone. Fruit juice candy for dessert made the wine less sweet; it was long and balanced.

The second meal focused on a baked Atlantic salmon filet marinated in chili pepper, sliced garlic, lemon, and Agave. In response our German friend brimmed with honey and lemon with a wisp of smoke. Zucchinis cooked with onions and mushrooms added charcoal to the mix. Stewed pears with cinnamon and allspice rendered the contents of my glass woody.

The final meal began with fairly tasteless Japanese rice crackers. Alas there was no Wasabi to verify the quoted reviewerís viewpoint. Now the liquid came out lightly acidic, sweet, and long. The centerpiece was an omelet perked up with basil, crushed red pepper, and a touch of cumin. In response the drink replied with a great combination of acidity and sweetness. It was long and slightly dark. Zesty guacamole took away this acidity.

Final verdict. I would definitely buy this wine again. Unfortunately none of their other wines are available in local wine stores. One more thing Ė donítí buy this wine if you want a 93. whatever that is.

Access the companion wine Revisiting A Baden, Germany Gewurztraminer (Under $10)

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