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Wine at Passover Seder Dinner

Wine at Passover Seder dinner
Some Passover wines drip with sugar, others do not.

How Kosher Wines Are Different From All Other Wines
Author: Marcia Henin

According to Judaism, the Passover Seder dinner of the Jews falls in the month of April and the dates keep changing. The reason why there is no proper fixation of dates is that the Jews calendar is a lunar calendar.

Mevushal Australian kosher wines
These Australian kosher wines are Mevushal (flash pasturized).

The Jews celebrate Passover Seder dinner to celebrate the freedom of Jews in Egypt. The Passover Seder dinner is a grand and symbolic enactment of the Moses story. During the feast, the Jews need to answer four questions about Judaism. The Jews people serve the dinner in a very symbolic and ritualistic manner.

Reasons for Being Different:
 One of the rituals that Jews follow during the Passover Seder dinner is drinking the traditional kosher wine. There are many types of kosher wines available in the market. However, the wine used for the Passover dinner is the Kosher Passover wine. Kosher Passover wine is prepared from the Concord grapes. However, the wine is now sweet in taste.

According to the rituals of the Passover dinner, it is a compulsion that a celebrant Jew needs to drink around four glasses of Kosher Passover wine. Kosher wines are those wines prepared by people, who observe the Sabbath tradition. These people handle the entire wine making process. To make a wine kosher, the winemaking process needs to follow the kosher law.

However, there are two wines, which are kosher yet their preparation procedures differ. The first is the Mevushal, which literally means to boil in Hebrew and the second is the non-Mevushal. If a non-Jew serves a glass of non-Mevushal to another person or even touches the bottle, it becomes a non-kosher wine. On the other hand, any individual irrespective of his/her religion may use and handle the Mevushal wine.

In recent times, the quality of these wines has improved tremendously. The reason for this is that many winemaking companies of Israel and the United States have collaborated to offer better wines using the kosher law. However, it is a U.S. collaborated project, the winemaking procedure remains the same according to the kosher laws. Due to these reasons, kosher wines differ from other wines.

These days, kosher wines are available in all types – from kosher red wine and kosher white wine to Kosher Champagne and blush/ Rosé wine.

About the Author: Written by Marcia Henin on behalf of Aromamarket.net – Online Kosher food shop providing kosher wine, including kosher red wine and Kosher white wine.

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