Pairing Seafood with Wine

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What wine goes best with Shrimp, Lobster, Oysters, Clams ?...

A Fine Wine and Seafood Pairing

Delicious seafood, where's the wine?

Which wine with seafood? Which seafood with wine?

I see a lot of delicious seafood, but I don't see any wine. Don't make that mistake yourself. To my way of thinking the seafood just won't taste the same without the wine. The classic pairing of fish and red wine is salmon and Pinot Noir. I still remember the first time I tried this happy combination. I was young enough to be surprised and old enough to truly appreciate. But that's just me. What counts is what works for you and yours.

Choosing a Wine to Match Your Seafood Dish

You may also consider pairing seafood dishes with rosÚ wine. If you do so go for a fine rosÚ unless your seafood dish is quite basic such as fried clams. Even so, you will probably appreciate a better rosÚ. Whether you select your wine or your seafood dish first, check our tables to get a great match that brings out the best in the seafood and the wine. There's nothing like the right wine and food marriage.

Wine seafood information guide icon The following table presents food and wine pairing information, sorted by seafood dish. When you click on any seafood dish a new page pops up telling you more about that dish and providing additional wine suggestions. Wine seafood information guide icon
Seafood Dish Recommended Wines
Boiled Shrimp Orvieto, Soave, Vinho Verde
Caviar Champagne, Riesling
Ceviche Sauvignon Blanc
Clams Prosecco
Crab Mašonnais White, Marsanne, Roussanne
Fried Shrimp or Oysters Albarino, Sparkling Wine
Grilled Scallops Riesling (Dry), Sauvignon Blanc
Lobster Condrieu, Viognier, Burgundy (White)
Mussels Chardonnay, Muscadet
Raw Oysters Chablis, Champagne
Seafood Cocktail Frascati, Pinot Blanc
Seafood Stew (broth-based) Pinot Noir
Seafood Stew (tomato-based) Marsanne
Seafood with Cream Sauce Chardonnay, Vouvray
Sushi and Sashimi (light fish) Albarino, Sancerre, Vouvray (Dry)
Sushi and Sashimi (rich fish) Beaujolais, Chinon

Wine seafood purchase guide iconThe following table presents wine and food pairing information, sorted by wine, rather than by seafood dish. When you click on any wine a new page pops up telling you what you need to know about that wine. This short page makes specific purchase recommendations, usually in three price ranges. Wine seafood purchase guide icon
WineWine Type Recommended Seafood Dish
AlbarinoFruity Spanish WhiteFried Shrimp or Oysters
AlbarinoFruity Spanish WhiteSushi and Sashimi (light fish)
BeaujolaisFruity French Red Lobster
Burgundy (White)Classic French Wine Lobster, Sushi and Sashimi (rich fish)
ChablisClassic French White Raw Oysters
Champagne Classic French Wine Caviar, Raw Oysters
ChardonnayWhite Variety Mussels
ChardonnayWhite Variety Seafood with cream sauce
ChinonLight French Red Sushi and Sashimi (rich fish)
CondrieuClassic French White Lobster
FrascatiItalian White Wine Seafood Cocktail
Maconais WhiteFrench Wine Crab
MarsanneWhite Variety Crab, Seafood Stew (tomato-based)
Muscadet French White Wine Mussels
Orvieto Dry Italian WhiteBoiled Shrimp
Pinot BlancWhite Variety Seafood Cocktail
Pinot NoirRed Variety Seafood Stew (broth-based)
ProseccoSparkling Ital. WhiteClams
RieslingWhite Variety Caviar
Riesling (Dry)White Variety Grilled Scallops
RoussanneWhite Variety Crab
SancerreClassic French White Sushi and Sashimi (light fish)
Sauvignon BlancWhite Variety Ceviche, Grilled Scallops
SoaveLight Italian WhiteBoiled Shrimp
Sparkling WineWhite Wine Fried Shrimp or Oysters
Vinho VerdeLight Portu. White Boiled Shrimp
ViognierWhite Variety Lobster
VouvrayClassic French WhiteSeafood with cream sauce
Vouvray (Dry)Classic French WhiteSushi and Sashimi (light fish)

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