Pairing Food With Wines

Fine wines starting with M...

From Malbec To Muscadet

Malbec grapes in fine wine great food

These delicious-looking Malbec grapes can lead to some mighty-good wine. M as in Mmmm. Several great tasting wines begin with the letter M.

Choosing the right food to go with your selected Wine

Here we make food pairing suggestions for about half a dozen wines whose name begins with the letter M.

Wine food pairing guide iconThe following table presents wine and food pairing information sorted by wine. The food suggestions are in alphabetical order. Note that the wine entries are underlined. Click on any wine to pop up a new page with additional information about that wine including specific purchase recommendations, usually in three price ranges. Wine food pairing guide icon

Wine Recommended Food
Malbec Liver
Malbec (Argen.) Leg of Lamb, Roast Beef
Maconais White Crab
Marsanne Crab, Seafood Stew (tomato-based)
Meritage Steak
Merlot Duck, Game Hen, Lamb Chops, Monkfish (Lotte)
Merlot Pasta with Pesto, Roast Chicken
Merlot Swiss Cheese, Veal Marsala
Merlot (Washington) Steak
MuscadetFish Stew (not tomato-based)
MuscadetMussels, Spinach Salad

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