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RosÚ wine makes me think of Provence in the summer...

Fine RosÚ Wine, Put It On The List

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A very pretty rosÚ. Most restaurants seem to be short on their rosÚ wine list. You might say looks who's talking. We are working on expanding our rosÚs.

Our Fine RosÚ Wines

This is our rosÚ wine list, containing a few selected wines. We don't have any cheap wine, but we do have inexpensive wine. In a few clicks you can get essential information about a given wine, where it comes from, what kinds of grapes are in it, characteristic flavors, and a few food suggestions. Many of the entries are referenced to our wine and food reviews.

Bandol RosÚ   Bardolino  

Castel del Monte C˘tes de Provence  

Grenache (Garnacha)


Merlot   Mourvedre (Monstrell)   Muscadet

Pinot Noir   Provenšal RosÚ

RosÚ Champagne



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If you are looking for information on fine rosÚ wines check out this rosÚ wine list including food pairings, grape varieties, and where the wine comes from.