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German wine, a world to discover...

German Wine Regions

German wine regions

You might want to taste a wine from each of the German wine regions. We have recently done so for Italy. The experience was so positive we expect to repeat it for Spain.

Our Fine German Wines

This is our German wine list, containing red, white, sweet, and sparkling wines. We don't have any cheap wine, but we do have inexpensive wine. In a few clicks you can get essential information about a given wine, where it comes from, what kinds of grapes are in it, characteristic flavors, and a few food suggestions.

German Riesling Auslese   Gewurtztraminer  
Pinot Noir
Scheurebe   Silvaner
Tafelwein   Trockenbeerenauslese  

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If you are looking for information on fine German wines, whether red, white, rosť, or sweet check out this German wine list including food pairings, grape varieties, and where the wine comes from.