Zinfandel - Red Wine Grape

Zinfandel, America's native European grape...

Zinfandel Grape Cluster

zinfandel grape variety

Zinfandel grapes on the vine

Zinfandel is thought to have originated in Croatia. It entered the eastern US in or around 1820 and from there expanded to California by 1859. Zinfandel is the second most planted red grape in California, having ceded first place to Cabernet Sauvignon. It is also grown in southern Italy, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

Zinfandel juice often has high levels of alcohol and sugar. The quality and taste of the wine produced varies considerably according to the microclimate, and the winemakerís art. Zinfandel grapes are red, but can be transformed into a light pink or even white wine called White Zinfandel.

Try a red Zinfandel with Muenster Cheese, Curried Chicken or Fish, Moussaka, Pizza, or Barbecued Steak. If you want my advice, donít drink white Zinfandel, either with food or on its own.

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