Unfamous Grape Varieties

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Just because they're not well known doesn't mean...

Furmint Grape Cluster

Furmint grape variety

Furmint grapes on the vine

Don't be disappointed if your favorite grape variety is part of this list. What we are trying to do is make it easier for you to find information on a given grape variety. What is famous is a matter of opinion. Virtually everyone agrees that Chardonnay is famous, and Terret Noir is not. But what about Sangiovese and Barbera that are famous in Italy and responsible for some excellent wine?

     Barbera - Red
     Carignan - Red
     Chasselas - White
     Chenin Blanc - White
     Furmint - White
     Gamay - Red
     Grenache - Red
     Malbec - Red
     Marsanne - White
     Mourvedre - Red
     Muscat de Frontignan - White
     Nebbiolo - Red
     Palomino - White
     Pedro Ximenez - White
     Pinot Meunier - Red
     Roussanne - White
     Sangiovese - Red
     Semillon - White
     Sylvaner - White
     Tempranillo - Red
     Terret Noir - Red
     Traminer(Gewürztraminer) - White
     Trebbiano - White
     Verdelho - White
     Verdot or Petit Verdot - Red
     Viognier - White