Trebbiano - White Wine Grape

Trebbiano, better in Cognac and Armagnac than in wine...

Trebbiano has grown in Italy since Roman times. It may have entered southern France by the Fourteenth Century. It is the most widely planted grape in Italy and the most widely planted white grape in France, where it is called Ugni Blanc. Trebbiano is found throughout Italy in various sub-varieties. In southern France it occurs along the Provençal coast, and in the Bordeaux and Charente regions. It is also found in South Africa, in Argentina and Australia, and in the United States¸ especially California.

Classic Image of Trebbiano (Ugni Blanc) Grapes Ugni blanc image first published in Victor Rendu, Ampelographie francaise, comprenant la statistique, la description des meilleurs cepages, l'analyse chimique du sol et les procedes de culture et de vinification des principaux vignobles de la France. [2nd ed.]Paris: Masson, 1857.

Illustration courtesy of the State Library of South Australia, Wine Literature of the World website.

Italy has recently produced dry, low alcohol wine from unblended Trebbiano grapes. In Italy and France these grapes may be blended with other white varieties to produce white wines or are more often blended with red grapes to produce Chiantis. Interestingly enough this rather prosaic grape present in few, if any, famous wines is a major component of Cognac and Armagnac, including the great ones.

Trebbiano-based wines pair well with Fish Stew in Aioli (Mediteranean Mayonnaise), Veal Schnitzel, Chicken, Turkey, Pork, and Shellfish. Cognac and Armagnac make wonderful after-dinner drinks, and can be excellent in fine sauces, and Expresso Coffee.

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