Terret Noir - Red Wine Grape

Terret Noir, is it on the way out?...

Terret Noir is a very old red grape variety that probably originated in southeastern France, which remains its most important area. It is also grown in southwestern France. Over the years it has decreased in popularity.

Classic Image of Terret Noir Grapes Terret noir image first published in Victor Rendu, Ampelographie francaise, comprenant la statistique, la description des meilleurs cepages, l'analyse chimique du sol et les procedes de culture et de vinification des principaux vignobles de la France. [2nd ed.]Paris: Masson, 1857.

Illustration courtesy of the State Library of South Australia, Wine Literature of the World website.

Terret Noir produces a light, fresh, acidic, astringent, strongly perfumed wine which blends well with other varieties. It is an authorized component of the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines of the Côtes du Rhône region of southeastern France, which is the only reason that we include it here.

Enjoy Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines with Game, Steak, Stew, or aged Cheddar and Emmenthal Cheese and don’t worry whether it includes Terret Noir grapes.

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