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Sangiovese Grape Clusters

sangiovese grape variety

Sangiovese grapes on the vine

Sangiovese probably originated in the Tuscany region of central Italy where it was already well known in the sixteenth century. By the nineteenth century Sangiovese had spread widely throughout Italy. It is the most widely grown grape in Italy. It is also grown in Argentina, Australia, and the United States, especially California.

Sangiovese is a difficult grape to grow. It is relatively thin skinned and rots easily. It has a light-colored, medium-sweet, slightly bitter juice. The wine has a moderate alcohol and high acid level, with strong tannins, and a dry, earthy, full-flavored taste. The wine quality depends on the clone used. Sangiovese is the major component of Chianti wines, usually composing 75% -90% of the blend, with lesser grapes such as Canaiolo and Trebbiano providing the rest. The world-famous Super Tuscan wines are often blends of Sangiovese with Cabernet Sauvignon. Another famous Sangiovese-based wine is Brunello di Montalcino of southern Tuscany.

Sangiovese goes well with Moussaka, Pasta in a Tomato sauce, and Pizza.

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