Pedro Ximenez - White Wine Grape

Pedro Ximenez, mostly a Sherry grape...

Many think that Pedro Ximénez is of Spanish origin. Pedro Ximénez is found in southern Spain, in the regions of Andalusia, Extramadura and Valencia. It may be the most important white variety of Argentina, but there is a question of its authenticity. It also occurs in California, Chile, and Australia.

Classic Image of Pedro Ximénés Grapes Pedro Ximénés image first published in Traité général de viticulture : ampélographie / publiée sous la direction de P. Viala ; secrétaire général V. Vermorel, avec la collaboration de A. Bacon.. [et al] Paris: Masson et Cie, 1901-1910.
vol. 6 plate 28

Illustration courtesy of the State Library of South Australia, Wine Literature of the World website.

Pedro Ximénez produces a pleasant but somewhat neutral tasting wine. It is mostly used to produce a very sweet sherry and a dessert wine of the same name. It makes a dry white table wine in southern Spain and is often blended with other white grapes in Spain and Australia.

Some people like Pedro Ximénez sherry with Poultry or Roasted Meats. Others like it with Blue Cheese or sweet pastries such as Pecan Pie. And just about everyone likes it poured over Vanilla Ice Cream.

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