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Some of the best-known red and white wine grapes...

Chardonnay Grape Cluster

Chardonnay grape variety

Chardonnay grapes on the vine

Don't be mislead by this header. As you may have noted in our wine trivia, there are 24,000 names for varieties of wine grapes, corresponding to between 5,000 and 10,000 actual varieties. However, only about 150 are commercially important. We here consider about forty varieties, not all of which are major. Don't think that a grape variety must be well-known to turn into great wine. You'll be missing some excellent wines that may even be bargains.

     Barbera - Red
     Cabernet Franc - Red
     Cabernet Sauvignon - Red
     Carignan - Red
     Chardonnay - White
     Chasselas - White
     Chenin Blanc - White
     Furmint - White
     Gamay - Red
     Grenache - Red
     Malbec - Red
     Marsanne - White
     Merlot - Red
     Mourvedre - Red
     Muscat de Frontignan - White
     Nebbiolo - Red
     Palomino - White
     Pedro Ximenez - White
     Pinot Blanc - White
     Pinot Gris - White
     Pinot Meunier - Red
     Pinot Noir - Red
     Riesling - White
     Roussanne - White
     Sangiovese - Red
     Sauvignon Blanc - White
     Semillon - White
     Syrah - Red
     Sylvaner - White
     Tempranillo - Red
     Terret Noir - Red
     Traminer(Gewürztraminer) - White
     Trebbiano - White
     Verdelho - White
     Verdot or Petit Verdot - Red
     Viognier - White
     Zinfandel - Red