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Presently we have five sites covering: the world of wine, the health and weight-loss aspects of wine, Italian wine, Italian travel articles, and for those interested in computers, Linux. Each site is organized in a similar fashion, but each site has its own particular characteristics as well. The following gives you an overview of each site. Keep coming back, we are always adding something somewhere.

Our Global Wine Web Site

Let us introduce theworldwidewine.com . This site is devoted to the physical, spiritual, medicinal, cultural, and intellectual pleasures of the fermented grape, but always in moderation. Our prime features include a weekly review of $10 wine, so you can keep enjoying life's pleasures in these difficult times and a near weekly review of $15 when you want to splurge a bit. You'll find very extensive wine and food pairing information, articles about wine racks, and just about everything else when it comes to wine. Visit us often, what you see is only the beginning. Just so you know who we are, we don't pretend to do everything. Even if we sometimes love The Beatles, we don't have strawberry wine, we can't dance the dutty wine, and we don't sell beer and liquor, or even wine.

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Our Wine - Health, Nutrition, and Weight Loss Site

Welcome to wineinyourdiet.com . We have the web's biggest and best collection of indexed articles covering wine's impact on your health, nutrition, and weight loss program. Our newest section describes the pros and cons of about 70 diets and presents sample menus for each. We include introductory nutrition and weight loss articles, in case you're starting out. You'll find lots of our own articles on popular diets and the role of wine in these diets. You'll learn how to protect yourself against dieting fads and scams. We provide own Paris travel articles, district by district, to keep up your morale. Remember the French Paradox; the French eat delicious food, drink great wine, and yet have a relatively low rate of death from heart disease.

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Our Italian Wine Web Site

Welcome to theitalianwineconnection.com . We are devoted to the physical, spiritual, medicinal, cultural, and intellectual pleasures of the fermented Italian grape, but always in moderation. Come visit us often, what you see is only the beginning. Our focus is on Italian wine and we have lots and lots of information about Italian grapes, Italian wine and food pairing, and...

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Our Italian Travel Web Site

Welcome to travelitalytravel.com . We have the web's largest collection of indexed articles devoted to all aspects of travel in Italy with a focus on Italian wine, food, and culture. Our latest feature is devoted to the attractions of Italy's greatest cities, district by district. We also have articles on Italian wine tours and Italian, Spring, Fall, and Winter Attractions and Events, region by region, an accompanying calendar of events for northern, central, and southern Italy, and regional articles on Carnivale (Italian Mardi Gras plus). Keep coming back; we'll be adding more articles including some of our own. Read these articles before you plan your next Italian vacation.

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Our Linux 4 Windows Web Site

Welcome to linux4windows.com . We're a relatively new site that shows you how to download and run a version of Linux on virtually any Windows computer. You only need about 50 Megabytes of hard disk and an Internet connection and within a few minutes you'll be running and learning Damn Small Linux. We have articles, tutorials, references, and even a FAQ section.

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