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Make no mistake about it - Concord grapes are not really wine grapes...

Concord Grapes, Fine For Juice

Concord grape variety

Concord grapes on the vine

They make a super sweet, foxy (in this case not a complement) wine. They do make a great jelly. Why am I showing them here? Reason 1 - you can't tell a book by its cover; they do look good. Reason 2 - I grow them and love eating them and their reincarnation as grape jelly. By the way, these pictures are not from my "vineyard."

You are two clicks away from accessing data on the most important wine grape varieties. For your convenience we provide links for red (some would say black) and white grape varieties. Don't draw the wrong conclusion, relatively unknown grape varieties may produce fabulous wines. One of the best examples is Pinot Meunier, an important component in many fine French Champagnes.

Each page includes a short section on the variety's history and geography, discusses the range of ensuing wines, and concludes with suggestions for foods to accompany them.

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