Burgundy Wine Appellations: Aloxe-Corton to Vougeot Premier Cru

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Burgundy wines are often complex. Burgundy wine classifications are quite complex. And vineyard ownership in this great wine-producing area of eastern central France, ooh-la-la. This region stretchs from Champagne in the north to Beaujolais in the south. Chardonnay is the major white grape. Pinot Noir is the major red. The terroir (soils and microclimate and...) varies widely. Better wines often obtain the grand cru designation. Even better wines often obtain the premier cru designation. But not always. Enjoy.

Chateau de Pommard Burgundy Wine

Chateau de Pommard Burgundy Wine

Burgundy is divided into several districts. Here they are from north to south. Chablis is white wine country. Côte de Nuits is home to many of Burgundy's finest reds. Côte de Beaune tends to be white wine country. Côte Chalonnaise might be a good place to find value for your money. Mâcon makes soft whites. Then comes Beaujolais which some people place among Burgundy wines. We don't.

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