American Wine AVAs: Haw River Valley, North Carolina to Hudson River Region, New York

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Haw River Valley
The Haw River Valley AVA , located in northern, central North Carolina, is part of the larger Yadkin River Valley AVA . Many of the vineyards profit from deep, well-drained river soils. For more information check out the Haw River Valley AVA web site.

Horse Heaven Hills Washington Vineyards

Horse Heaven Hills Washington Vineyards

The Hermann, Missouri AVA occupies about 50,000 acres (20,000 hectares) in east central Missouri some 60 miles (40 kilometers) west of Saint Louis. It is contained in the Ozark Mountain AVA in Missouri, Arkansa, and Oklahoma. The Hermann, Missouri area reminds people of Germany, and German immigrants first settled here in 1836. They planted wine grapes and by the end of the Nineteenth Century boasted the second-largest winery in the US whose underground cellars grew mushrooms during Prohibition. Located on the the southern banks of the Missouri river, the area's soil mixes deep silty loams with highly fertile loess and sandstone outcropping. Most vineyards are planted in hybrids, adapted to the continental winter.

Hood River County
The Hood River County AVA is located within the larger Columbia Gorge AVA in the central-north Oregon, bordering the Columbia River and Washington state. This county is known for its fruits and berries production, but has been making wine for a long time. It is not plagued by excessive rainfall and its fertile alluvial soils and cool growing conditions are well suited to Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Gewürztraminer grapes.

Horse Heaven Hills
The Horse Heaven Hills AVA is located within the larger Columbia Valley AVA in Washington State. Its finest vineyards are found on the banks of the Columbia River, whose powerful winds which cool the vines. Local elevations vary between 300 and 1800 feet (about 90 to 550 meters). Low annual rainfall means irrigating the well-drained, sandy, loam soil. Robert Parker's first non-California 100 rating honored a local Cabernet Sauvignon. Other grapes grown here include Syrah, Chardonnay, and Riesling.

Hudson River Region
The Hudson River Region AVA goes from north of New York City to south of Albany, traversing three full and five partial counties. Its temperature tends to be somewhat moderated by the Hudson River but the summers are hot and humid and the winters are cold. The local soil includes glacial shale, schist, slate, and limestone deposits. The region boasts both the oldest continuously operating winery in the USA (the Brotherhood Winery, established in 1839), and America's oldest commercial vineyard, almost ten years older. During Prohibition this region made sacramental and "medicinal" wines. Most of its vineyards are planted along the western shores of the Hudson River. Grapes include the local Concord, Delaware, and Niagara varieties, Franco-American hybrids and the international Riesling, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Franc.

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